Two blokes on a mission

Shunts was born out of a passion for quality content needed for Australia in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. While both of us have dabbled in scenery in other simulators (mainly X-Plane), It was FS2020 that got is into scenery design.

Greg works in the medical industry and is an avid flight simulator enthusiast and real world pilot. Greg also has a passion for motorsport and simracing, having competed in one of the earliest and top professional online Formula 1 competitions many years ago.  For several years Greg has been a respected (we hope) senior staff member of the Australia/Pacific region of the VATSIM network, currently responsible for training our local controllers, showing a continued dedication to the local flight simulator community. 

Sean has worked in aviation his entire career currently working for one of the major Australian airlines in technology. Sean is also a flight simulation enthusiast and real world pilot that shows how its done through Twitch at twitch.tv/djsean00


Great to see more Aussie content and a really good representation of YCDR! This keeps getting better and better. Great work.

5 Stars - Great job! Thanks heaps. Looking forward to landing here.

Well done fellas! You've done a great job recreating this aerodrome in the new sim, especially all the custom buildings and assets unique to Australian aviation - The attention to detail and accuracy really makes the scenery shine. A must download for anyone looking to explore this beautiful region!